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Voluntary Faculty Appointments

Use the following link to check factors and guidelines to determine requested rank Voluntary Faculty P&T Factors (PDF) 2014-2015 .
Voluntary faculty appointments may be recommended by the WSU SOM department or through the Affiliate office when the candidate is a staff member working at a SOM affiliate location.  Appointment packets (see below) should be sent by the WSU SOM department or Affiliate office to the OFA by email to  Dossiers received for candidates recommended by an affiliate will be reviewed and then sent to the WSU SOM department for approval. Successful candidates are appointed as Clinical Instructor (typically before board certification), Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Associate Professor, or Clinical Professor.

When a Clinical Instructor completes board certification, the faculty member, affiliate, WSU department or OFA may may provide documentation of baord certification and request a change in rank to Clinical Assistant Professor

Non-clinical voluntary appointments may also be recommended by either the WSU SOM department, or where appropriate, a SOM affiliate.  Successful candidates are appointed as Adjunct Instructor, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Adjunct Associate Professor or Adjunct Professor. 
Appointment Process
  1. The appointment process begins with the completion and submission of the 'Required Documents for Appointment' and 'Voluntary Appointment Checklist'
    • The checklist indicates which entity or person completes specific forms
    • Appointment documentation must be arranged in required format and use WSU SOM Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) standard templates (where applicable)
    • CV format requirements vary by requested voluntary rank.
    • WSU SOM CV format IS REQUIRED when requesting the rank of Clinical Associate Professor or Professor.
  2. The OFA will coordinate the appointment process with the appropriate WSU SOM department for dossiers submitted by an affiliate office.
  3. The OFA will copy the candidate, WSU SOM department, and the affiliate on all appointment correspondence which includes requests for additional documents, changes to documents and appointment status.
  4. When the WSU department is prepared to appoint, it will send the required documents to the OFA.
  5. Completed appointment documents should be submitted electronically using PDF Portfolio to the OFA email address
    • If PDF Portfolio is not available, scan all documents in a single .pdf or MS Word file.
    • Please do not hand-deliver mail to the OFA office. The SOM mailroom provides secure mail delivery for flash drives and  original signed documents being sent to OFA. OFA staff will collect all secure mail from a locked box located in the SOM (Scott Hall) mailroom twice per day (in the morning and in the afternoon).                                          
  6. Determinations for appointments are recommended by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate and approved by the Dean or his designee.  The executive committee meets on the second and forth Thursday of all months except October - December (only meets on the second Thursday). Please keep this in mind when you are considering how long the appointment process may take.
  7. All SOM appointments for voluntary faculty follow the WSU policies (scroll down to Section 8.0 for Voluntary Faculty) for voluntary faculty appointment including background checks and university mandated periodic reviews.  A background check for candidates whose education or training was outside of the U.S. may take 6 - 8 weeks.
Voluntary Faculty Forms and Templates
Various required documents and templates for voluntary faculty are available below. Documents not submitted on current official OFA standardized templates will be returned to the sender for resubmission.


   Faculty Renewals

Wayne State University requires periodic renewal of all term appointments.  Voluntary faculty members are term appointed faculty and as such must maintain their contact information so that they may receive notircation when their appointment is due for renewal.  Failure to renew an appointment will lead to suspension and ultimately termination. 


  • WSU departments who wish to notify OFA of a requested termination of a voluntary faculty appointment may attach the Termination Form for Voluntary/FTA Faculty (2/24/16) form in an email to
  • Voluntary faculty wishing to resign may submit resignation letters directly to the Office of Faculty Affairs via mail or email.  A format for resignation letters can be found here.

Please contact the OFA at (313) 577-9877 or via email,, for assistance, to answer any questions, or if you have submitted a document to the drop box and need immediate attention. We look forward to providing the most efficient service possible.